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I’m having to remake my cyber CD since the cold killed the one in my car ~ this is such a good song to drive to….not so good for the roadrage though

Again? Seriously??

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I have never known anyone hover as much as the people living above me. They hover at odd times too ~ like 1am on a Saturday ~ I’m debating making a tally

 About half of that lot applies to me ~ guess I’m a kid of half the 90s

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one of the many reasons why i respect him.

To post or not to post?

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I actually drew doodles of a couple of my OC’s and if that wasn’t shocking enough I’ve actually attempted to colour them in 0_o  Bizzare considering I’ve never fully decided what one of them looks like ~ probably why I don’t like the pic…

Now the question is…am I actually goign to be brave enough to unleash the crapness onto the net ^^