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Wasn’t completely happy with the last design of Spooner. Or more the fact that it looked like it should have been someone else. He was just too young and weedy, dangit. I think this works better.

I see what you mean about an older look would suit him better. I still hope you use the old design somewhere he looks annoyingly fun ^_^

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JD and Katrina. JD is not used to female attention. Not even drunk female attention.

Much love for this!
You have such a way with expressions and body language that I doubt you’d need words 🙂

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Second time I’ve reblogged this. But with over 120,000 reblogs, is this the Tumblr champ?

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It’s a lovely day here in Poole! Little bit nippy but we’re all in high spirits here at Lush Mail Order UK…

So we’re thinking, competition time? WHY NOT!

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