Dr Sketchy’s ~ July 2011

Posted: July 17, 2011 in Art
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Dr Sketchy’s is an ‘event’ that, from what I can gather is held worldwide. There’s one here in Leeds every month. I’ve been to two of them so far ~ fun was had at both 😛 ~ they have live models in ‘alternative’ wear who hold fun poses for 1, 2, 5 and 10 mins. They also have ‘theme’ sketches with prizes for the best (flatmate has won two of these). They also have cake and it’s held in a bar so beer!

Think we where there for about 3 hours, not bad for a fiver

Anyway here’s the sketches I did at the last one I went to  (sketches posted in the order I did them…kinda)








One minute warm up poses







Two minute poses








A ten minute pose

More one minute poses
(there was a break and a change in model)







Five minute pose and a couple of one minutes
(the one minutes came after the next picture)








A ‘challenge’ picture ~ ten minutes

The task was to draw using anything but your hand
~ I stuffed my pencil down my festival bands and watch strap
(right arm) and frew like that so technically I was using my right wrist

…cramp was had

~ also by this point in the scanning of the sketches, I worked out a better way of using my scanner ^^







The two models sections

Five minute pose





Ten mins
(this one had a ‘theme’ aswell, somthing about a movie poster, I didn’t get the reference so I just used the time to try and draw properly)







Ten mins







Another change of model (after a break)

A couple of one minute warm ups and a five min







And the final ten minutes
~ this one had the theme of ‘woman dominence’ which I didn’t really  attempt 😛

I don’t know the first thing about drawing from live models. Hopefully if I keep posting up my ‘Dr Sketchy’ pictures ~ since I’m planning on going to more ~ I might see some improvement ^^

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