Dr Sketchy’s ~ August 2011

Posted: August 6, 2011 in Art
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Tis that time again. This Months theme was Superheros

Model 1: Wonderwoman







A series off one minute warm up sketches

~ I tried to do it a bit differently from my previous way of working. Instead of sketching the figure using balls and lines this month I tried to just ‘sketch what I saw’ no working out the proper placement










A ten minute pose

~ There was more than enough time to draw a face, I just didn’t have the confidence to draw one. Adding a face seems to make my sketches look pathetic and crap

I need to work on this ^







The first of the ‘challenge/theme’ sketches

The aims was for her to be batteling and adversary
~ my mind always goes completely blank when it comes to these, hence my last minute attempt ~ the evil car wheel clamp

Model 2: Inspector Gadget (a female one)

From this point I started sketching in a black biro, for some reason, and I must say…I think I perfer it over pencil







Left: A five minute sketch

Right: Challenge/theme sketch no. 2 ~ ‘the origin of Inspector Gadget’

~ I actually had an idea for this…of sorts. Inspector Gadget it a Pokemon, explaines all really 😛

Ten min challenge










A ten minute sketch

~ her feet seem really small O.o but I was assured that others also thought that when drawing

Model 3: an evil villianess (who I think might be from incredibles)







This model had amazing hair, her dreads where piled and tied up into a beehive esque doo

Left: ten minute sketch

Right: Challenge/theme no. 3 ~ her fighting a known superhero (a comic cover)

Well I knew I had no  chance of drawing another hero aswell so I decided that she’s already kicked hero’s arses and it looking for her next challenge (hence the items belonging to hero’s at her feet)

A fifteen minute challenge

The last sketch (the fifteen minute challenge one) is probably the best drawing I’ve ever done at Dr Sketchy’s….I think I may be proud of it 😀

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