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Dr Sketchy’s ~ Oct 2011

Posted: October 13, 2011 in Art
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I forget people are scared of clowns…then again no one warns me about spiders ~ pictures, plastic or actual ^^

Anyhoo, Yesterday was Dr Sketchy’s, this months theme was ~ The Pilo Family Circus ~ cue the clowns (all drawn in black biro)

Model #1 ~ Mime Clown








~ 5 minute pose








~ 10 minute pose
(the way I drew it, she looked like she was skiing, hence the hastely added ski’s and pole thingies)








~ 15 minute ‘challenge’ pose

The challenge was to create a ‘coney island’ style horrorish poster.

Model #2 ~ Hula Hooping Clown








~ 10 minute pose, made all the more awesome because she was actually hula-hooping the whole time….seriously







~ 20 minute ‘challenge’ pose

I think the challenge was another poster/advert this time for a ‘scary anime’
As usual I sketched the model then thought of some random crap to throw in at the end, all scary anime’s have tentacles in them…right?

Model #3 ~ Pregnant Diablo Clown
(there was something awfully terrifying about the thought of this clown being pregnant *shudder*)








~ 5 minute pose








~ 10 minute ‘challenge’ pose

The challenge was ‘spooky/creepy fairy tales’ ~ think I kinda gave up on this one and just drew ^^

I think this is my favourite sketch from this month, I’m not sure why theres just something I like about it

I must be gaining some serious confidence (somehow) since I’m now intending on making the Dr Sketchy posts ‘public’ O.o maybe the clowns got to me