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Dr Sketchy’s ~ November 2011

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Art
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A rather late posting but hey, it’s still November 😛

This months Dr Sketchy’s was a charity one. ‘Dr Sketchy Leeds MIAOWative‘ raising money for a small Leeds based kitty charity ( There were ‘kitty’ themed baked goods, cupcakes and even some awesome badges (designed by my flatmate ~ note my claim to fame :P) that could be bought – all proceeds going to the charity. Last I heard they’d raised £140+ so far (found a blog post about the night

Anyhoo intro blurb over, on with the *cough* art. Once again all where drawn in biro

Model 1 ~  a lionish kitty

The theme for this challenge was ‘create an advert for cat food’

I ACTUALLY WON THIS! I think it was due to the caption ^^


Model 2 ~ Pregnant Kitty

~ 5 min ‘challenge’ sketch

the challenge for this one was ‘Hello Kitty’. I appear to have gone more for ‘Creepy Kitty’

Model 3 ~ crazy cat lady

Model 4 ~ Anna Fur Laxis

~ ?? min ‘challenge’ sketch (I can’t remember how long this one was)

The theme for this one was to create a post for an animal hospital

….3 guesses which company I work for 😉

Model 2 ~ pregnant kitty, again

~ 10 min ‘challenge’ sketch

The theme for this one was any theme we wanted. I don’t work to well without guidelines, I tend to get sarcastic hence my ‘theme’ 😛