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Dr Sketchy’s ~ January 2012

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Art
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A Sketchy post less than 24 hours after the event, I’m impressed with myself 🙂

This month’s theme was Star Wars!
Having not seen any of the films I got the feeling I was missing a few things ^^

Model #1 ~ Darth Vader

The night started with Challenge #1 ~ draw using something that wasn’t your hand. This was drawn with my mouth

Challenge #2 ~ Design a Mills and Boon cover (note the storm trooper nipple covers :P)

Model #2 ~ Darth Maul

Challenge # 3 ~ Design a cereal box

Model 3 ~ Princess Leia

All 3 models

We ended the night with Challenge #4 ~ porn. I really couldn’t think of anything for this so as is my usual style….I cheated and made it topical.

I really need to find the motivation to practise sketchng outside of Dr Sketchy’s