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Dr Sketchy’s – March 2012

Posted: March 31, 2012 in Art
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The theme for Dr Sketchy’s this month was ‘Cock-Rock‘ or as they called it ‘Slippery When Wet an Ode to 80s Classic Rock

I actually had a lot of fun drawing this month, not sure whether that was due to the 80’s rock tunes they were playing throughout the night, winning the raffle twice or the fact that I finally drew something that I was REALLY happy with. Being told that I’d captured the fact of one of the models perfectly (by the other models and the one in question) proably helped too 😛

Model #1 – the one with the big shades
We started with a challenge ~ Draw with anything but your hand ^^

I used my foot, my right foot specifically 😛

Model #1 + #2 – big shades + the one with normal glasses

Model #3 – the one with no glasses

Challenge sketch #2 ~ incorporate some actual heavy metal machinery

Models  #2 + #1 + #3

Challenge # 3 ~ design an album cover

Look at the middle ones left arm ~ that mistake was far too cool to correct 😛

*** at this point I remembered the feedback I’d received from an incredible artist friend (after making her look at my previous Sketchy sketches). Well I remembered the gist of it…I think. I need to refine my lines more, I’m not entirely sure what that means but I think it’s something to do with ‘more confident lines’ ~ so thats what I attempted to do. Less faffyness more solid ‘I have every right to be here’ lines…

Model # 4 ~ the one in charge

This is the one that looks like the model. Even she said so when she was told to come see it afterwards O.o

Model #2

This is the one I’m stupidly proud of

Line refinement works!! I really love how this one turned out, I don’t know what it is about it I just really like it 😛

So that sums up this month’s Dr Setchy’s (oh the raffle prizes I won were ‘tickets to next months Dr Sketchy’s’ and tickets to a burlesque competition, a Tea Time Tassle Off :P)

This was the first month I’d noticed progress in my sketching. I’m thanking the line refinement advice
*proud face*