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Dr Sketchy’s ~ May 2012

Posted: June 11, 2012 in Art
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Behold a very, very late blog! seriously it’s that late that the event was held on May 10th and this months event is three days from now ^^

There was no Sketchy event in April (which I had won two tickets to – the fantastic ladies who run the event honoured my win and let me use them for this event :P) due to the event relocating across town to the Mavern – a proibition themed bar. The theme of May’s event was ‘Relaunch Party‘ during which they tried to give a taster of Dr Sketchy’s to the many new faces I hadn’t seen before

There where 3 models throughout the night each one doing two poses and perforing a burlesque routine ~ was a very fun night!

Model 1 ~ hobo…can safely say I’ve never seen a burlesque routine that started wearing a bin bag

10 minute warm up and my favourite sketch of the evening I think

15 minute sketch challenge ~ the aim of this one was to create a public safety notice

Model 2 ~ an utterly amazing Garth!

10 minute sketch

  I forgot how long this one was but it was Challenge 2, create an online dating profile

The routine this performer did was epic! Don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much at a burlesque performance, she had all Garth’s mannerisms down and strips down to fox ears, tail and six furry pasies 😛 oh and needless to say it was done to ‘Foxy Lady’

Model 3 ~ sleuth? is that the word I’m looking for?

  10 minute sketch

15 minute sketch and challenge 3 ~ create a wanted/missing poster

Yeah….I deffinetly need to be practising my non-exsistent art skills more ^^