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Dr Sketchy’s ~ August 2012

Posted: August 11, 2012 in Art
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Considering this event took place two days ago I think it’s safe to say I’ve caught up…now to keep it that way ^^

The theme this month was ‘a mystery theme‘ and having been I’m still not to sure what it was. It did involve two burlesque routines from some lovely ladies though

Model 1 – Zombie

1 min warm up sketches
I tried using different media this time, pencil (blue and grey) and biro (blue and black). Reckon I’ll be sticking to my trusty black biro for now ^^

10 mins challenge – Design a Zombie Barbie

Model 2 ~ Gold-digga

10 mins
I love the way the face turned out, I’ve never liked the way I draw faces but for some reason this one looks good, think I might be rather proud of it  ^^

Model 1 + 2

10 mins

Model 2

10 min challenge – Design a Banknote

Yeah that face is my favourite bit of sketching done that night 😛

Dr Sketchy’s ~ July 2012

Posted: August 11, 2012 in Art
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Sketches from last months Dr Sketchy’s, the theme was ‘Teddy Bares picnic‘ <- spelling misstake intentional ^^

Model 1 ~ Little Bear

1 min warm up sketches

The second one was a ‘challenge’ the draw with something that isn’t your hand – I used the crook of my elbow this time…I’m begining to run out of ‘not-my-hand’ body parts to draw with O.o

5 mins

model 2 ~ Milkmaid…with a little something extra

10 mins challenge – Design a Sandwhich Board Advert…believe it or not I have no idea what was coming…

10 mins
This outfit was hiding under the milkmaid dress, I really had no idea when I came up with my sandwhich board caption ^^

Model 3 ~ Miss Piggy!

10 mins

10 mins challenge – Greased Pig!
Having never seen Grease this was something of a challenge…the odd angle we were sat at didn’t help neither ^^

Dr Sketchy’s ~ June 2012

Posted: August 11, 2012 in Art
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An epically late post, it’s not even June anymore, not July either and August’s Sketchy’s has passed too….I suck at the internet (and life) lately

June’s theme was ‘women in the workplace‘ ~ least I think it was, it’s been a while ^^

On with the sketches!

Model 1 ~ Lolly-pop Lady

Started off with a challenge Sketch – 1 min, drawing without hands. I used my wrists this time ^^

More ‘1 min warm ups’

These were all challenges too – top: Incorporating Letters/Words
Left: Using Shapes
Right: Has a Stick Woman

Infact I think every sketch was a theme this month ^^

10 mins – Design a ‘Road Safety Poster’
For some reason to me it looks like she shouls be  directing air traffic not school children 😛

Model 2 ~ School Teacher

10 mins – This one had to be School themed ~ cyber-cookies for anyone who completes the hangman ^^

Model 3 ~ Circus Ring Leader (technially model 1 after an outfit change)

10 mins – The challenge to this one was to ‘draw in your own style’….yeah I don’t have one of those 😦