Dr Sketchy’s ~ July 2012

Posted: August 11, 2012 in Art
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Sketches from last months Dr Sketchy’s, the theme was ‘Teddy Bares picnic‘ <- spelling misstake intentional ^^

Model 1 ~ Little Bear

1 min warm up sketches

The second one was a ‘challenge’ the draw with something that isn’t your hand – I used the crook of my elbow this time…I’m begining to run out of ‘not-my-hand’ body parts to draw with O.o

5 mins

model 2 ~ Milkmaid…with a little something extra

10 mins challenge – Design a Sandwhich Board Advert…believe it or not I have no idea what was coming…

10 mins
This outfit was hiding under the milkmaid dress, I really had no idea when I came up with my sandwhich board caption ^^

Model 3 ~ Miss Piggy!

10 mins

10 mins challenge – Greased Pig!
Having never seen Grease this was something of a challenge…the odd angle we were sat at didn’t help neither ^^

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