Dr Sketchy’s ~ June 2012

Posted: August 11, 2012 in Art
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An epically late post, it’s not even June anymore, not July either and August’s Sketchy’s has passed too….I suck at the internet (and life) lately

June’s theme was ‘women in the workplace‘ ~ least I think it was, it’s been a while ^^

On with the sketches!

Model 1 ~ Lolly-pop Lady

Started off with a challenge Sketch – 1 min, drawing without hands. I used my wrists this time ^^

More ‘1 min warm ups’

These were all challenges too – top: Incorporating Letters/Words
Left: Using Shapes
Right: Has a Stick Woman

Infact I think every sketch was a theme this month ^^

10 mins – Design a ‘Road Safety Poster’
For some reason to me it looks like she shouls be  directing air traffic not school children 😛

Model 2 ~ School Teacher

10 mins – This one had to be School themed ~ cyber-cookies for anyone who completes the hangman ^^

Model 3 ~ Circus Ring Leader (technially model 1 after an outfit change)

10 mins – The challenge to this one was to ‘draw in your own style’….yeah I don’t have one of those 😦


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