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Dr Sketchy’s ~ September 2012

Posted: September 17, 2012 in Art
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This months instalment ‘ Dr Sketchys Presents An Audience with the Laytex Geisha

The night started off with some 1 minute ‘warm ups’ five of them in fact, four of which turned out to be challenges, all drawn with a black Biro

Model 1 ~ The Laytex Geisha

 all 1 minute


Top left: Draw using not your hand. I was tempted to use my foot again but figured by the time I’d taken my converse off the minute would probably be up ^^ so instead I used my mouth

Top right: normal drawing

Middle: Draw using shapes without corners. something about the face just cracks me up 😛

Bottom right: Draw the opposite – sharp and pointy

Bottom left: Draw using a combination of both, smooth and sharp…. basically a proper attempt at drawing ^^



5 min ‘normal’ drawing

10 minute challenge sketch ~ the challenge was a ‘Holiday snapshot’
I was rather clueless until about half way through this…I though of the last holiday I went on, luckily it’s got a very simple to draw distinctive symbol ~ my favourite bits are the Mickey Mouse pasties!

Model 2 ~ the interlude

5 min pose while Model 1 was getting ready to preform or getting ‘decent’ after I can’t quite remember

Model 1


10 min normal sketch

15 min challenge – it started off being a ‘scandalous’ challenge but somehow veg got a mention and I’m bloody glad it did, I decided to run with the veg idea, I had no idea what to draw for scandal ^^

This actually won! I was rather amazed, the model picked 4 winners, when she picked mine she mentioned liking the corn on the fan and the carrots in the hair 😀

I had fun drawing the last one, though my brain gave in half way through, I couldn’t remember any other veggies O.o I got as far as a pumpkin seat (yep that’s supposed to be a pumpkin) corn on the cob fan, carrot hair sticks, turnip earrings and a pumpkin necklace that could also pass as an onion


I really enjoyed that night ~ I’ve come to find that some nights are just better then others sketching wise and this night was a good one 😀