Dr Sketchy’s ~ December 2012

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Art
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Once again we had a bit of a venue change, this time Dr Sketchy’s was held in a costume hire shop, random but awesome. while waiting for it to start we were able to rummage around the costume racks, I spent the night dressed as a giant playing card ~ Ace of Clubs

Model suit #1 ~ Panda


5 x 1 min ~ the bottom one was a challenge ~ draw using one continuous line

Model #2 ~ Daisy v1


3 min


3 min



2 x 5 mins

Model outfit # 3 ~ the Bear


10 min ~ I was sat directly opposite this and it was kinda terrifying

Model #4  ~ Daisy v2



10 min challenge ~ Dame

Model #5 ~ Marc the Panda



2 x 5 mins. This was actually my mate Marc, who having donned a bra and captains jacket on our initial ‘playing in the clothing racks’ was convinced to get up and pose. He added the Panda head after finding posing unnerving ^^

Model # 4 ~ Daisy with a cuppa



10 min challenge ~ Alcohol awareness ~ When I can’t think of anything I tend to over compensate with text, this time was no exception ^^ I do kinda like the terrified expression on her face, I reckon she’s seen that bear on the previous page

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