Dr Sketchy’s ~ February 2013

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Art
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The models they had this month were amazing, don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard ^^ also drawing facial hair was a new feature too

Model # 1 and Model # 2 ~ beardy blokes who like tea


3 x 1 min sketches


3 (or 5) min challenge sketch ~ distraction was the theory behind this, I was constantly jabbed in both sides while trying to draw in a friends sketchbook (hence the photo of my drawing)


10 mins


I appear to have forgot to record the time, I’d guess another 10 min pose


15 mins


15 min challenge ~ design a Mills&Boon cover ~ This (drawing, tag-line and description) won me 3 mills&boon books ^^ apparently it made them laugh


Forgot the time again but I’d guess 10 mins



and lets guess 10 mins again for this one….or maybe it was 15 I appear to have had the time to scribble a background ^^

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