Dr Sketchy’s ~ January 2013

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Art
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Our excuse for this month was ‘it’s the start of the year, we’ll get better later’ wonder how long I can use that one for? ^^

I also tried something a little new this month ~ pencils…yeah don’t think I like them much

Model #1


4 x 1 mins ~ the top right one was a challenge pose ~ don’t use your hand ~ I used my wrists


5 mins


5 mins


10 min challenge ~ Damsel in distress ~ quite liking my ‘getting away with not drawing mouth/eyes on this one 😛


10 mins

Model # 2 

I changed back to pens, still mixing it up a little I used a inky type pen rather than my trusty ball point


2 x 5 mins ~ I appear to have drawn an Observer (from Fringe) O.o the model looked nothing like that, see below


Guessing 10 mins ~ challenge sketch ~ QVC style commercial



15 mins ~ perspective is hard 😦 I’d moved to sit on the floor by this point, I’m not sure that helped any ^^

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