Dr Sketchy’s ~ November 2012 ~ the Thought Bubble edition

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Art
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So 4 days after the normal Dr Sketchy’s they held another edition, this one was part of the Thought Bubble convention. I’ve been going to the con since 2010 and am pretty sure this was the first time they had a Dr Sketchy’s as part of the festivities.

It was held in a different venue and the fabulous Poison Ivy was back. All in all it was a pretty great night

Model # 1 ~ Poison Ivy


5 x 1 min sketches inc 4 challenges ~ 1. normal 2. not strong hand 3. Stick woman 4. no hands (I used my mouth) and 5. as a cartoon ~ I’m actually quite impressed with how my ‘cartoon’ one turned out


2 x 5 mins ~ I liked the first one until I tried to add an head 😦

Model 2 # Daisy Cutter


2 x 5 mins

Back to Model # 1 ~ post routine


15 min challenge ~ Draw her as a plant ~ not too sure where I was going with this but I started drawing her as leaves then added a pet Mandrake (from Harry Potter) the HP addition is my fave part 😛

Model #2


10 mins

15 min challenge ~ A Weapon ~ I LOVE the expression on this one, she wasn’t even pulling a face, I kinda slipped while drawing the mouth and this happened ❤ it 😛




15 min challenge ~ statue of liberty ~ I’m liking the addition of scaffolding on this one, I’m not creative enough to change the pose to have her standing so this was the next best thing I could come up with ^^


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