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Dr Sketchy’s ~ April 2013

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Art
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April’s theme was ‘Manga/Anime’ and I must say, the 2nd costume the model had on was bloody awesome!
Along with trying to move away from the biro I also decided to play with colour this month

5 x 1 min poses ~ the 4th one was a challenge to draw as a piece of fruit, and the 5th to draw with not your hand – I used my knee

top: 5 mins
bottom: 10 mins
2 x 5 mins – the top one was a challenge, someone else had to control your hand while you were controlling there’s. I normally sit with 2 friends so it all got a bit confusing. The drawing above is me controlling Marc’s hand while Nikki was controlling my hand in her book
20 mins ~ This is by far my favourite Dr Sketchy’s art work from the last few months
20 min challenge ~ design an anime character

Dr Sketchy’s ~ March 2013

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Art
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The theme for March’s Dr Sketchy’s instalment was circus…which was a little ironic since there actually was a circus in town at the time

I tried to veer away from my trusty black bic biro by using a brush pitt pen…I’m not entirely sure it was a good move

Model 1 ~ evil afro clown


3 x 1 min posed – the first one was a challenge ~ draw as a piece of candy




2 x 5 mins ~ the top one was a challenge to draw has a circus animal. I kinda tried to draw a lion but it looked more like a rat so behold the Rat-Lion

Model 2 ~ the mental patient


2 x 10 mins – the straight jacket was surprisingly easy to draw ^^


15 min challenge ~ design a poster – we seemed to have the dodgy seats this month and all we ever realy saw where the models backs/sides hence my circus name 😛



15 mins (model 3 makes an appearance ^^)

Can’t say I’m pleased with any of this months pictures 😦