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Amrit Grewal, a Vancouver-based wedding photographer, reimagines Disney princesses as Indian brides in this enchanting photo series.

Woc killing it as usual


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Time has an interactive feature to discover what your name would be if you were born today, based on popularity of your birth year vs. now.

My name would be Mylah. With all apologies to anyone named Mylah, I am now very happy to be named not Mylah.


Aries: Asthenophobia – fear of weakness

Taurus: Neophobia – fear of change

Gemini: Thaasophobia – fear of boredom

Cancer: Isolophobia – fear of solitude

Leo: Socialphobia – fear of humiliation

Virgo: Autophobia – fear of being undesirable

Libra: Decidophobia – fear of making decicions

Scorpio: Proditiophobia – fear of betrayal

Sagittarius: Philophobia – fear of emotional attachment

Capricorn: Atychiphobia – fear of failure

Aquarius: Claustrophobia – fear of closed spaces

Pisces: Dystychiphobia – fear of accidents

– I don’t own any phobias. requested. Source: Some picture I found

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