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exciting announcement – I’ve released an original short story!

was hoping for my first original story to be a novel, but I’ve had a
run of bad luck this year (health problems, getting kicked out of my
flat, and now my computer is dying) and need some cash asap. So you
get a short story instead! It’s my dream to be a successful full time
writer, so if you have a couple of bucks spare, maybe you could give
it a shot and help out a fanfic writer turn pro?

are the details of the story:


Shaky Foundations

Jonathan has accidentally hired the most infuriating man in the world
to renovate his office. Will is lazy, he’s arrogant – and he’s also
drop-dead gorgeous. When Jonathan gets to know him a little, he finds
that maybe – just maybe – he’s not so bad after all. 

sweet, sexy, gay romance short story of 6800 words. 18+


can find more information and buy it here on Gumroad for $1.99 (plus
VAT if you’re in the EU). You can pay via PayPal or with card, and there’s no need to
sign up! You’ll be able to download a pdf, a mobi (for Kindle) or an
ePub (iBooks, Google Books and more).  

a super cute (and hot!) story that I really hope you’ll like. If you
can’t afford it or it’s not your thing, please reblog and let others

you so much for reading, and for your help! You’re all amazing ❤

You can also now buy it on Amazon! It’s $2.99 there, though, because of Amazon’s cut, so if you want to get it for the cheaper price, Gumroad is the way to go 🙂

+ Gumroad

+ Amazon US

+ Amazon UK