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Hey guys!

@unassumingpumpkin and I have hit a bit of a rough patch over the last few weeks. Her computer, which she uses to pencil Raven: The Pirate Princess, died unceremoniously a few days ago. While we are getting a new one, we’re losing about 8-10 days of work while it all gets delivered and sorted out.

So we’re offering a small number of cheap commissions, to try raise a bit of spare cash! Examples are above to see the kind of things we’ve done.

There are 3 types available (in order of images above):

A4 headshot – £25/$40
– Like the Jean Grey above, it’s simple.

A4 full figure – £40/$60
– This will get you a full figure (in pose of choice) with a minimal background if required

A3 full figure – £100/$150
– Same rules as the A4, but we can go a little more detailed if requested

Postage is free in the UK, and a flat rate of £5/$7 for anywhere else in the world. If you want more detail on any level that’s fine, but depending on what it is it might raise the price.

Please, please share this if you can. Thank you all, and we hope you have a great holiday!

Please spread the word! We wants to make the pictures!

Trust these people, they are awesome! They will drag characters out of your head if need be!! 😀

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Hello, you beautiful book.
Y’all this is probably Abi’s best book to date. No lie. It is gorgeous and emotional and still breaks me.
I hope you love it as much as I do.

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Well, that’s my Christmas shirt for this year sorted!!
~ really is the perfect top – one of my fave xmas songs combined with some slytheriny colours 😛