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So, I was randomly sent this surprise the other day, and bloody hell what a surprise!!

This is Spyder one of my OC’s by @unassumingpumpkin and @tenbandits ~ a pair of lovely people who ironically enough are currently open for commissions! I urge everyone to go see, go see now…

you know you want to

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oh my GOD so i was talking to a buddy in psychology and then this kid came in who looked exactly like him and gave him a book he’d forgotten at home

and i went “holy shit you have a twin?!?” and he was like “yeah! his name is jason!” and i was like “????? i thought YOUR name was jason”

long story short i have one of them in my math class and another in my psychology class and i’ve developed a friendship with both of them but i thought they were the same person this entire time

remember this post? not-jason is refusing to tell me his name and everyone’s keeping it from me so i’m just calling him not-jason


Since a lot of people are getting their paperbacks early, the C&R Fandom spoiler tag black market orchids is in effect until…..let’s say two weeks after release?

So a week into the New Year just to be safe.

Please tag all your P&P-related posts with black market orchids and blacklist accordingly.

Enjoy the book, y’all!

Mine’s been in the post a week already….not expecting it for another couple, the kindle edition however!! *calculates the time zone difference*

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