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ARIES: Ok cool.
GEMINI: I hate you too.
LEO: I love you too!
VIRGO: Really?
LIBRA: Same!
SCORPIO: No, you don’t.
SAGITTARIUS: Yay! I’ll add you to the list of the hundred and one people who love me!
CAPRICORN: Bullshit.
AQUARIUS: I…gotta…go.
PISCES: Ok but can you buy me food first?


“You know Nick, Doc. You know that if he thinks he’s lost something, he’ll let it go. If you told him he wasn’t him anymore, that you might not be able to forgive him for what he did, he’ll take that as contract terminated and he’ll let you go without a peep of complaint, thinking that’s what you want. If you’re waiting for him to call you or come to you and tell you he needs you back, you’re going to be waiting just like Ty did that year they didn’t speak. That’s just not who Nick is.”

Abigail Roux. Part & Parcel (A Sidewinder Story) (Kindle Locations 1136-1140). Riptide Publishing.

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Horsehead Nebula // Barnard 33 (right) & Flame Nebula // NGC 2024 (left)

Still awash with feels from reading @abiroux‘s Part & Parcel ~ don’t think I can handle a re-read just yet so decided to try and think of/do something else…then this happened

No idea what i’m gunna do with them yet.