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Netflix needs a “hell no” option

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The Tarantula Zone by John P. Gleason

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Neon Series by Photographer Hid Saib.

Imagine aliens with freckles like this

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Zane chuckled as he settled onto the arm of the chair beside Ty and handed him a bottle of water. “Someday I’m going to hear all the Sidewinder stories and be traumatized for life.”

“Word,” Owen and Ty said simultaneously.

“So Burns made it look like I not only stole millions of their dollars, but also killed their boss?” Zane asked, almost shrill.

“Hundreds of millions,” Liam corrected.

Cabrón hijo de la gran puta!”

“Zane,” Ty grunted as the rest of Sidewinder gaped at Zane, wide-eyed.

“You made a show of kicking us out of your office; we didn’t want anyone seeing us with a key to your house,” Owen explained.

Zane clicked on a lamp in the corner. “You have a key to the house?”

“Of course. Ty gave us all one when he bought the place.”

Zane ran a hand through his hair, smiling wryly. “I basically married all of you, didn’t I?”

Digger chuckled evilly and Owen rolled his eyes.

“If it’d been me blowing that shit up? Ain’t none of us would have crawled out. That’s all I’m saying.”

“Well, thank God for half-assed bad guys,” Owen said, as if to appease him. “Damn straight.”

Zane was sitting opposite them, next to Clancy, staring at them with his mouth hanging open. It didn’t matter how much time he spent with Sidewinder, he never failed to be terrified by them.

More than a day after being cooped up with Sidewinder, Zane sat with his hands over his eyes, listening to them argue over dinner. Dinner! They argued over everything!

“Shut up!” he finally hollered.

Everyone froze, staring at him in shock. “Pizza,” Zane grunted, pointing at Owen. “Order it. Just cheese. Now.”

The silence lasted a few more seconds. Then without a word, Owen shrugged and took out his phone to search for a pizza place, and the others all dispersed to go do whatever the hell Sidewinder did when they weren’t trying to kill each other. How the hell had these men all lived in one house for years?

Ty patted Zane on the shoulder as he passed by, giving him a wink. Zane had to just roll his eyes. No fucking wonder the Marines had ousted these yahoos.

“I thought you were supposed to be this mythical fucking creature or something. Sidewinder,” he intoned sarcastically. “This bunch of invincible, crazy warriors, up for anything. You’re just scared little boys sitting in a tree house, trying to figure out how to sneak back inside once your mama turns off the lights!”

“Rude,” Digger huffed. None of the others spoke, though.

Zane turned to Ty, his heart racing, anger and helplessness coursing through him.

Ty smiled sadly. “This is the way we’ve always done it, Zane. It doesn’t mean we intend to die out there. It just …”

“If we do, it’ll be with no regrets,” Owen offered when Ty’s explanation faltered. “You say good-bye first. When the bullet hits, you won’t wish you’d told anyone you loved them one last time.”

Abigail Roux. Crash & Burn (Cut & Run, #9) (Kindle Locations 4654-4661). Riptide Publishing.

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*disappears from existence at 12:00AM on january 1st*