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Painty sketch of Lupita Nyong’o from the London Star Wars premiere, where she rocked that gorgeous metallic blue lipstick.

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God has taken an immortal icon and one of the Gods of rock and roll from us. 

Rest in Peace, Lemmy Kilmister

24th December 1945 – 28th December 2015

May I be the first to raise a Jack Daniels and toast in his honour.


Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy them. I need to write more….some day.

The hard thing with asking for more people to follow is that I’ll inevitably forget someone. 

I assume you’re already following Abi, right? @abiroux 

She also maintains a variety of sideblogs dedicated to the series which she updates on occasion (time and health permitted):

@textsfromnicko, @theinterrogationroom, @abitravels, @nickoreads

Also, if you haven’t stumbled across them yet, Abi offers a handful of canon ficlets on her tumblr:


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Thank you for sharing this! ~ I am indeed already following Abi and her sideblogs. I’ve ‘back read’ a fair bit of them all 🙂
If anyone else would like to point me in the direction of someone I should follow feel free. I can’t get enough of all things C&R/Sidewinder 😀

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The Butterfly Nebula from Upgraded Hubble by NASA, ESA and Hubble SM4 ERO Team


The above photos I’d taken at Download festival way back in 2010. Slash was playing (with Miles Kennedy) a couple of bands before Motorhead were due on stage. Then suddenly Lemmy appeared! so awesome to witness two legends sharing a stage!!

Next up was Billy Idol ~ during who’s set the British weather was true to form and it turned into a mud bath. My friends all bailed back to the tent, I stuck it out. I wanted to see Motorhead who were on after. I held on long enough to see the awesomeness of ‘Ace of Spades’ live then I made a soggy walk back to the tent – not one item of clothing I was wearing was dry, not one! this is one of my favourite Download memories. 

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I have never considered Sunday the first day of the week.