Nick and the Boston branch of the Irish Mob

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I’m still collecting my thoughts about P&P, but I want to put this here:

“What happened?” Kelly demanded.

“We’ve got a meet tonight.”

“That was fast,” Julian said. “Jesus, what sort of in do you have with them?”

A personal one,” Nick growled. His tone made it clear that neither Julian nor Kelly were supposed to inquire further.

– Abigail Roux. Cross & Crown (Kindle Locations 1642-1645).

One thing I love about both the C&R books and the Sidewinder series is the re-read value they have. I just have to add some other little bits from this scene that, after Part & Parcel, just mean so much more and have me silently mouthing ‘oh my god’ when I re-read them. 

 A man sitting on a sofa behind the bodyguards stood and greeted them with a crooked smile. Something about it struck Kelly deep in his gut, like it was familiar to him.

Abigail Roux. Cross & Crown (Kindle Locations 2037-2039).

Well I guess we know why it seemed familiar now don’t we… and then this:

Paddy stood and came closer, opening his arms for a hug that Nick returned stiffly. The mob boss pulled him close like he was embracing a son, though, patting him on the back and then on his head like a proud father might before pulling him over to the couches. “Been a while, Nicky.”

“No one calls him that anymore, boss,” Mikey informed him with a cheeky grin.

Paddy gave Nick’s cheek an affectionate tap, then sat. He gestured for all of them to take seats. Kelly was confused again. Nick had been so tense, so worried, but this was a warmer reception than Nick received at his own home when he visited.
-Abigail Roux. Cross & Crown (Kindle Locations 2111-2115).

Then right after Paddy says Nick looked just like his dead son: 

I had pride in my heart for this boy just like he was my own son.”
Abigail Roux. Cross & Crown (Kindle Location 2131). 

and again, Kelly noting something, but not sure what, about Paddy’s smile (hint: it’s because it’s similar to Nick’s): 

Paddy gave them that crooked grin again, and again it made Kelly uneasy.
-Abigail Roux. Cross & Crown (Kindle Location 2173).

Like jfc they flat out say it: 

He climbed to his feet, and they all stood with him. He reached for Nick’s hand, shaking it warmly, and a moment later he pulled Nick into another hug. For an infamous mob boss, he sure did seem fond of the police.

This time, Nick returned the embrace a bit more sincerely. “Thank you,” Nick said, almost inaudible.

Paddy tapped Nick’s cheek with the tips of his fingers. “Don’t be a stranger, kiddo.”

“Don’t hold your breath, old man.”
-Abigail Roux. Cross & Crown (Kindle Locations 2180-2183).

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