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me when someone changes their url and icon at the same time:



Does anyone like Almost Human?

I want to find more people that like the show because again this has become a recent obsession of mine

I’m upset that there’s only one season (i need fanart and fanfics! 👌👍)


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When I was looking for all the times Monster is used in Part & Parcel for this edit, I found myself curious about it’s usage in other books which lead my to stumble across this passage in Crash & Burn:

Nick fought the urge to turn away from her. He had taken this woman’s husband, and now he was standing in her home, pretending to be someone who intended to help. Still, he couldn’t manage more than passing guilt. Don’t marry a monster, and you won’t be as likely to become a widow.

 – Abigail Roux. Crash & Burn (Cut & Run, #9) (Kindle Locations 2016-2018). Riptide Publishing.

Now this isn’t so much about Nick being a monster but it did remind me of this bit earlier in Crash & Burn 

“Why wouldn’t you say anything? Why would you let me think …”

Kelly’s words were like sandpaper against Nick’s conscience. He stayed silent, unable to raise his head.

“You didn’t say anything because you knew he was coming for you,” Kelly realized. “You figured why marry me if you’re just going to disappear and die on me.”

“I’m sorry,” Nick said without looking up.

 – Abigail Roux. Crash & Burn (Cut & Run, #9) (Kindle Locations 1518-1521). Riptide Publishing.

It’s sort of the same sentiment. Nick didn’t want to marry Kelly because he didn’t want Kelly to marry a monster. 



  • Halloween is over
  • Thanksgiving is over
  • Christmas is over
  • New years is over

now what



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“When is a monster not a monster? Oh, when you love it.” – Caitlyn Siehl


“I’ve spent so much of my life trying to keep that look off your face,” Nick said, waving a hand unsteadily at Kelly. “But I can’t change the past.”

Nick struggled not to fidget. The fact that Kelly was willing to stay with him after what he’d done was sinking in, and he met Kelly’s eyes with a hint of awe. “You can really forgive this? Forgive what I did and stay with me?” 

Kelly’s nostrils flared and his eyes flickered away. “I’m not saying I’m proud of it. The whole time I was tracking you down, I kept telling myself you’d never kill Burns without … And if I got to you and found out I was wrong, I’d … But there was something in the back of my mind … I knew that wasn’t true, that I’d stay with you no matter what. Even if you killed him just to see something burn, I’d stay with you. I’d …” He shook his head, cursing in disgust, then laughed ruefully. “Broke his neck righty so I wouldn’t recognize it. That’s some serial killer level shit, Nicko.”

– Crash & Burn.

“Doc, are you more upset that he murdered Richard Burns, or that he did it without you knowing and helping?” 

Kelly scowled as he thought about it, but he didn’t even really have to contemplate the answer for very long. “The second one,” he admitted. “He knows I would have helped him. I’ve told him dozens of times, I’m with him no matter what.”

Part & Parcel

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You have license in front of the camera to do things, feel certain emotions that you don’t get to in real life. It can be addicting.

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Icons Unmasked by Alex Solis (more) (kickstarter)

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such a usable things for my projects

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character aesthetic ; albus severus potter