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Sidewinder stood amongst the neat rows of white marble that stretched as far as the eye could see. They stretched too far, there were too many, so many lives lost and remembered on the sacred ground of Arlington Cemetery. 

Nick held Elias Sanchez’s last letter in both hands. The paper trembled in the breeze. It certainly wasn’t Nick’s hands trembling. It certainly wasn’t that.

 Zane stood to the side, watching solemnly. He didn’t feel as if he belonged on this last task. It was too personal. Too hard. 

“Who wants to go first?” Kelly finally asked. They all stood staring down at the headstone. No one answered him. No one moved. After a solid minute of silence, the crinkling of the paper in Nick’s hands finally urged Kelly into action.

 He stepped forward, twisting his hands together, and cocked his head at Eli’s grave.

“The last words we had were over the phone,” he began. He closed his eyes and swallowed hard.

– Abigail Roux. Part & Parcel (A Sidewinder Story) (Kindle Locations 3977-3985). Riptide Publishing.

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Right. In. The. Feels.


Twitchy Ty is my favourite Ty.


It was a
Friday, that time when the afternoon was just turning into evening. Christmas
were right around the corner, and Nick and Kelly had decided they wanted a
change of scenery before going back to Kelly’s cabin to spend Christmas

Which was
why they found themselves in Ty and Zane’s living room above the bookstore;
Kelly sprawled out in an armchair, Ty sitting on the floor with Jiminy and
Cricket on his lap, and Nick and Zane on the couch.

The latter
two were quite literally sitting on the edge of their seats.

What had
happened was that Kelly and Nick had originally planned on visiting Zane and Ty
for a few days before they headed to Colorado, to catch up and maybe sneak a
peak of what it was the CIA had the two former agents doing. Things hadn’t
exactly gone according to plan, though, because nothing ever went according to
plan in the life of a Sidewinder. Now imagine what it was like in the lives of two


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Walking Dead marathons should never be disturbed 😛

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“Where the fuck is my bike?”

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“The Avengers and Their Favorite T-Shirts” Series. (Post 1/3)

If you are interested, these t-shirts really exist (except Sam’s, it was a bit modified): Tony SteveBucky Sam

Next batch – 2016: Thor, Natasha, Clint and Bruce. Then: Wanda, Pietro, Scott and Rhodey. I’ll add The Vision and The Wasp later. Also in 2016: a Supernatural version feat. team Sam-Dean-Cas ♥



By far the best answer to this most difficult of questions….’nope! not going there’

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Moon phase jewelry -including custom moon phase– by AlejandraGiannoni on Etsy

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Propose to me with this ring and I’m forever yours.

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I’m about to have a fun afternoon.

So my trainer’s bf cheated on her. She broke up with him. He’s holding her stuff hostage until she agrees to talk with him. Which she refuses.

She trains; for free mind you; three college linebackers, a college wrestler, two martial artists, a body builder, and… wait for it…. a Navy seal. We’re gonna go get her shit for her.

This should make for an interesting story.

So everyone who commented on this being like the avengers, you are absolutely right. That’s what all of us had in our heads as we were rolling over to dude’s house. But I’m very proud to say, this ended without violence.


So the super friends all jumped into one of the linebacker’s explorer and headed over to dude’s house. Ok the squad: you all know me, but the other martial artist is a little wirey hapkido guy, the linebackers are all giants (an estimated combined weight of I’d say 750-800lbs), the wrestler looks like an escaped gorilla, then the navy seal looks like your average guy but something about him is unsettling. Really unsettling. Unfortunately, the body builder had to work. Anyway, we send the Hapkido guy and the wrestler to the door first and dude answers, screams at them, and then slams the door in their face. Then the giant linebackers head over and they ring the door bell again. Lo and behold, he was much more polite, but still denied access. Finally, me and the seal join the fray. I casually make my way towards the front of the group, but the seal decides to CLIMB THE BANISTER. We all just turned and started at him completely shocked when dude answers the door. He looks at this weird mismatched group of relatively threatening individuals and one guy perched on his banister like batman. He was like “FINE. Go take what you’re looking for.”


So we’re all walking through the house gathering what we think are her things and putting them into two boxes. Mind you. We are completely guessing. We didn’t even tell her we were coming, therefore we had no list of items.The only one really being productive was Hapkido, who was legitimately looking for stuff. The linebackers were just randomly picking up furniture, turning it over, and putting it back down. Just showing off how strong they were. In case the numbers game wasn’t enough, I guess they were letting him know they could break him if they wanted to. The seal was just shadowing dude in his own house. Walking behind him, not saying much, just being creepy. Then there’s me. Who was causing general mischief…. He said to take what I was looking for, that’s what I was looking for. Ahaha and the wrestler made a fricken sandwich. Because “you guys look like you have it under control, and I’m a sucker for egg salad.” We were in and out in 15 minutes.


So the autobots rolled out and headed towards homegirl’s spot. She was conveniently outside when we rolled up. We got out and she was like, how do you all even know each other. The truth is, we don’t. She sent us all an email once and didn’t blind copy us all. She vented to all of us about dude holding onto her stuff and we started emailing and that was that. We told her that we went to see her ex. “OMG what did you say to him?” Nothing. We’re not messenger boys. We’re delivery boys. And we gave her her boxes of stuff. She went through the first box and said that was most of her stuff. Then she got to my box and asked “Wtf is all that shit.” So I explained that I took all the batteries out of his remote controls, his deodorant, the light bulb out of his master closet, every pair of dress socks that I could find, the laces out of his running shoes, and all the toilet paper in the house. The guys just looked at me and kind of nodded like they were impressed. She then unexpectedly started CRYING and thanked us. So you have this group of meat heads all standing awkwardly with this weeping trainer. It was quiet for a second when the seal was like “So…. chipoltle?” And we all got burrito bowls.

What a great day.

This is literally the most beautiful and thrilling tale. Start to finish.

I am almost in tears I am laughing so hard. This is beautiful. I can’t believe you took all the toilet paper. I’m dying. Help. It sounds like the start of a joke: two martial artists, a wrestler, two linebackers and a Navy Seal walk into a Chipotle.





I submit for your consideration, a third kind:


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The fucking song and the hysterically thrown pillow that misses by ten feet and the prolonged scream and then it just runs out of cord and anticlimactically tips over I’m deceased.


fun character exercise; which of your OC’s would chug a bottle of liquor rather than give it to airport security