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Sidewinder stood amongst the neat rows of white marble that stretched as far as the eye could see. They stretched too far, there were too many, so many lives lost and remembered on the sacred ground of Arlington Cemetery. 

Nick held Elias Sanchez’s last letter in both hands. The paper trembled in the breeze. It certainly wasn’t Nick’s hands trembling. It certainly wasn’t that.

 Zane stood to the side, watching solemnly. He didn’t feel as if he belonged on this last task. It was too personal. Too hard. 

“Who wants to go first?” Kelly finally asked. They all stood staring down at the headstone. No one answered him. No one moved. After a solid minute of silence, the crinkling of the paper in Nick’s hands finally urged Kelly into action.

 He stepped forward, twisting his hands together, and cocked his head at Eli’s grave.

“The last words we had were over the phone,” he began. He closed his eyes and swallowed hard.

– Abigail Roux. Part & Parcel (A Sidewinder Story) (Kindle Locations 3977-3985). Riptide Publishing.

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