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  • last two letters of your first name
  • middle two letters of your last name
  • first two letters of your mother’s name
  • last letter of your father’s name

mine would be Urlelan. Reblog and tag this with yours!

I love this because half of the people are getting amazing, fantasy names and the other half are getting unpronounceable ones. 

Eruijeid – Huh.  I wonder how you’d pronounce that?  Eroo-ee-juh-eed?  Eroo-ee-jade?  That wouldn’t be too bad, actually.  Even Eru-jade could work…  Yeah, the ‘i’ is silent. 

Yeah, I can work with that!


I want to prove a point to my parents who heavily insist I’m not ace.

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NGC 602 in the Flying Lizard Nebula by Don Goldman


I received these just before I left for Dublin. The obsession continues! (both to tea and this series). With these my ‘sidewinder’ set is complete, also I was starting to run out of the Ty one hence the big tin this time….so tasty!  


Thank you for being so understanding, anon! Uni is taking up far more of my time than I would have liked, and I’d like to apologise for the lack of TyZane ficlets. I appreciate you all being so understanding and patient with me, and hopefully this makes up for some of the wait! 

And please don’t worry – I still have all the prompts you guys have sent in waiting in my inbox, and I will fill them as soon as I possibly can! This one just sparked inspiration in me right away, and I couldn’t resist.

I’d like to dedicate this to @darktwinkle, whose birthday is today! Happy birthday, darling! I hope you’ll have a wonderful day! x


It was October. The weather in Baltimore had steadily
turned frigid over the past few weeks, providing all the warning signs of a
freezing winter that was approaching at rapid speed.

With the Christmas season approaching as well, there
was plenty to do at the bookstore. Plenty of people came in daily, asking for
specific editions of specific books that they wanted to give a loved one for
their late-year birthdays or Christmas, and wanted to come in early to make
sure that the books would be in the bookstore in time for Christmas. It was a
good thing too, because customers were asking for the most outrageous things,
and a lot of the books had to be ordered from Europe and Asia and Australia.
(And it was no secret that the postal service was less than trustworthy at the
best of times, so when Christmas was getting closer, there was no telling how
long it could take to get one book sent across the pond.)

In other, simpler words; it had been a long,
exhausting week for Zane. Especially with how the CIA had dumped three
informants on their doorstep over the last seven days in addition to the
day-to-day stress of running the bookstore.

Zane was tired.

So really, who could blame him for wanting nothing
else when Sunday rolled around to just stay in bed and sleep all day?

Ty, apparently. Ty could blame him for that.

The little shit.

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This is made of so much awesome! love it!! Also thank you so much for the birthday wishes and the surprise dedication! ❤ x