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I wrote another thing – this ones my take on ‘I just really need to have you here right now’ and ‘Look at me – just breathe, okay?’ from the angst dialogue prompt list.

~ ~ ~ ~

‘Oh dear God it hurts’ was the first thought that entered Ty Grady’s mind quickly followed by ‘Fuck why am I not dead?’

“Because you’re not that lucky?”

Ty hadn’t realised he’d spoken out loud so he really wasn’t expecting an answer and he sure as hell wasn’t expecting the voice that delivered it.

“Doc?” he questioned, managing to crack open an eyelid only to quickly shut it again, why were hospital lights so fucking bright? at least he assumed he was in hospital. The surface below him felt like a bed, a bed much comfier than the medical cots from the past, but doc being here…

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Thank you, this was great! I love coming across a new Ty & Zane fic. I’m hoping there may be more to come? …

Thank you for the kind words @comedancewithmezane I’m really glad you enjoyed it! ❤ – I tend to stare at the list and hope something jumps out at me so yeah, depending on how hard it jumps I’m hoping there’s more to come too 🙂

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