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Well then, let me show you, because that’s what I do for a living.

Right now, it’s this time of the year, and the little ones have just freshly hatched:


You’ll notice they’re still blind and naked when they hatch. So I make them little coats to keep them warm during their first winter:


See how they happily line up to put them on:


See? Better. Now they’re ready to go and explore the world.


And if they make it through the winter and we take good care of them, they will grow up to be strong and wise like their older fellows:


So, in case you were ever wondering, now you know.


As a Publishing Professional I can say that this is 10000% accurate, and I am a little concerned you’re just giving away all of our industry secrets on Tumblr.


Pisces, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus, Aquarius

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Siren School by Isabella Rotman. Buy the comic.


– live in irresponsible timezones
– use incorrect measurements systems
– too far to hug



Interacting with people on tumblr when you’re not a teenager anymore like

Painfully accurate.

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Sugar Geode Cake by Intricate Icings Cake Design!

This geode cake is made from edible sugar crystals! It was created for the launch of First Look Events and Moss Denver.

@opulentdesigns @lordbaeder

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I’ve started another C&R read through – determined to take my time this time, savor the pain an all that – 8 pages in and it’s just dawned on me that Sanchez’s funeral probably took place within the time frame of book 1. I’m the furthest away from Part & Parcel as I can be right now and already that book is gut punching me…

….this is going to hurt.

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embarrassing memories hitting u like

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Listening to T&G audio this week.  

photo source

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It was going to be a corny line, but some things you had to know.
“Where am I?” he said. And then he added: “This time?”
“Well done,” said a voice somewhere behind him. “Consciousness to sarcasm in five seconds!”

everything you need to know about Sam Vimes, Terry Pratchett, Night Watch (via turtle-recall)