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I spend so much time alone that if I was ever falsely accused for a crime I would never have an alibi

Officer, my internet history will prove I was reading gay porn at the time of the murder




If you’re not noticed, you’re still valid.

Like, if no ones gonna read it, you should still write it.

If no ones gonna see it, you should still do it.

If no ones gonna hear you, you should still say it.

You’re not measured by how people react to you.

You’re not measured by how people react to you.

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atmospheric light pillars are created by the reflection of light – here from artificial suburban light – off millions of flat hexagonal plate shaped ice crystals that have become horizontally aligned as they float in the freezing cold air near the ground. photos by marko riikonentatu räty, mike reva, robin dahling, jari kankaanpaa and mike hollingshead


You are the sweetest, anon! Thank you so much for your lovely message! 

Here you go. ❤


are you?!” Ty shouted, looking around the big, vast emptiness around him.
He saw nothing but miles and miles of sand, stretching as far as his eye could
see in the darkness.

It was cold
out here. Freezing, even, which was a stark contrast to the unbearable heat he
fought against during the day.

Ty did what
he could to navigate through the dark, but it was hard. He was disoriented, and
cold, and edging towards a panic because Zane was gone. He’d been right there,
just a few minutes ago, and now Ty couldn’t find him. Couldn’t see him, or hear
him, or feel him anywhere near him.

“Zane, you
son of a bitch, where the hell are you?!” He tried again, looking around
frantically. He couldn’t lose Zane — couldn’t lose him in the desert. Ty had
lost too much in the desert already.

darkness surrounded him and despite being out in the wide open, Ty felt
trapped. Trapped and alone, because Zane wasn’t there anymore.

And Zane
had promised him he wouldn’t leave him alone in the dark.

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Skyfall // Will Eades

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For more of the greatest collection of #Nebula in the Universe, visit

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Cecil Baldwin // shot by Lee Faircloth

I shot the wonderful Cecil for his interview in this month’s Gay Times Magazine talking about the show and their upcoming tour. Check it out, it’s a good read!