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Here’s my entry for the Cut & Run exchange – for d-kauffman!  

So, guide to all the different fabrics:

A Texas state flag, cowboys hats, motorcycle, coffee, cookies, and grey suiting material for Zane

Blue suiting material, baseballs, two marine fabrics, ACU fabric, Mara’s apple pie and jelly, the Eiffel Tower (for the debauched night of selling antiques), Christmas fabric, Shamrock for Nick, and western shirt blue and white plaid for Ty

Spongebob, mardi gras maskets, tiger fabric, flags for FBI service, and bottle caps.  Plus handwritten  Anchor, Compass, Black Market Orchids, Are you feeling this too? Baltimore and West Virginia.

it’s about 25 inches square.  The brownest brown to ever brown on the edge of the ampersand, and a green with brown accents as a binding to represent their eyes.  And what actually made me giddy in the fabric store – the white background has a thin stripe pattern like the covers of the books.

Hope you like it d-kauffman!  PM me your addy and I’ll get it in the mail to you this week!

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