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starry-eyed lovers

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personal reminder: stop being so fucking hard on yourself

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Novels don’t have Author’s Notes

I think one of the problems which
fanfiction authors face is the fact we are one of you. We are a fan. We love
the work. We recognise the faults. We want to be a part of the community and

Because of this, however, there’s this
mentality that fanfiction authors, who do everything without getting paid and
often without recognition, owe it to people to write things the way they want
it to be written.

Don’t like something in a novel? Put it
down. Walk away. That’s it. That’s the end. (I mean, unless the novel turned
into a craze and then it’s okay because you’re supposed to hate things that are
popular, right?)

Don’t like something in a fanfiction? Let’s
tell the author. In detail.  Let’s be condescending
about it. Let’s insult them at the same time. After all, they owe us for

Not updating fast enough? Complain. Updating
too fast? Complain. Don’t get the exact right details? Complain. Omg, there’s
sex/death/murder and I wasn’t warned? Doesn’t matter that fanfiction gets far
more warning than most. Complain anyway. Don’t want to wait until the chapter’s
released which explains it all? Complain. Omg, these two characters are
underage, they shouldn’t even be kissing let alone having adult conversations
about sex. Complain. Loudly. Call the author a paedophile.

Pick up any novel off the shelf and there’s
nothing in terms of who the author is
and what work they put into the story. You pick it up, you read. There’s no
notes in the middle to explain something that people might not get. There’s no
notes saying “Hey, this might not be historically/culturally accurate.” There’s no warnings. It’s fiction. People get that things may not
be the same in the real world. Yes, a story is expected to be at least believably
accurate but it doesn’t have to be.

People don’t seem to understand personal
preference vs facts and interpretation vs critique.

By all means, critique a work. People like
to know if they’re getting grammar wrong, or overusing words, or breaking
rules. People need to know hear “hey, PTSD isn’t quite what you think, would
you like to discuss it?” or “That gunshot wound isn’t realistic, I can help”. But
please understand, people who write fanfiction do so for the love of the work.
A lot aren’t professional and they shouldn’t be expected to be. Do we want to improve? Yes, absolutely we do. Offering
guidance and gently nudging is so much better than; “You got this wrong. You’re
terrible. I don’t like it. Die in a fire.”

You wouldn’t say that to a published author. Why say to a fanfiction one?

We are far more approachable than the
average published author and a lot more fragile. We don’t have publishers and
editors backing up our work. We’re unproven and our egos are often not strong. Authors
are given the benefit of doubt until the book is finished. Why can’t fanfiction
authors be given the same benefit?

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We Heart It #Action #funny #heroes #post #tumblr #jeremyrenner

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You told me one time that I was your compass. I gave you direction when you were lost. Well, you were my anchor. You were something solid for me to hold onto.”


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~ Ultimate URBAN ~

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Truth Coming Out of Her Well to Shame Mankind, 1896 by Jean-Léon Gérôme

I’ve been thinking a lot about it and this is literally the best title of anything

so I guess it was some ancient Greek who said “truth lives at the bottom of a well” and I don’t know what he meant or why it stuck, but I’ve seen a lot of 19th-century references to it (because people always love showing off how much they know about stuff)

but I like this because imagine how fucking pissed off you would be if you lived at the bottom of a well in the first place, but then you had to climb all the way out of it somehow because humans were such unbelievable assholes that you were forced to yell at them in person


I just spit all over my phone lol

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Vincent Stevens – The Loft


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Star Rise – Yosemite Valley, CA.


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Me: So. This book has fucked me up in ways any other book has before.
Friend: …
Friend: Is your new favorite, right?