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resource for procrastination

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if you’re anything like me, working on a computer is a dangerous thing. i’ll get distracted by everything – that one email i should respond to, all the pictures of my dog, tumblr, and so on. I recently discovered an amazing resource to stop that.

it’s called writer’s block, and is free to download! 

when you open it, it shows this screen, where you can choose either a time limit or word goal

then when you start, it opens a document that fills the entire screen like this

and you cannot quit the app or open anything else until your word/time quota is filled. i just wrote half of my english speech that i’ve been putting off all morning, and it took only 20 minutes!

so yup, it’s called writer’s block and is free for both mac and windows. enjoy!

reblog to save a lazy ass

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Mycroft in the style of M.C. Escher

Based on Hand with Reflecting Sphere

@my-citrus-pocket requested an M.C. Escher style Mycroft piece about 18 months ago (!) as part of this series of paintings based on the work of famous artists. I stupidly picked just about the hardest Escher piece I could find and then turned it into a full colour painting.

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The Best of Deadpool on Texts From Superheroes







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I carry this water bottle around on purpose because I know the kids will ask me why I have a pink one. This is how every convo has gone:

Kids: Mr.C Why do you have a pink water bottle?

Me: Because I like pink, why?

Kids: Pink is for girls

Me: Why?

Kids: ummmmmmm

Me: Do you know why it’s for girls?

Kids: No it just is

That’s when I go into a brief lesson about how pink is JUST a color (I am the art teacher so they think I am the authority on colors) for everyone.

As a teacher I am trying my hardest to re-educate these kids in the most non threatening way possible. It will take them a minute to understand that pink isn’t a “girl color”, but a color we can all love

I love you for this

erasing gender essentialism is MEGA IMPORTANT!

“I am the art teacher so they think I am the authority on colors”


aries: damn you guys need to open your eyes to what you have, realize the people who love you before they’re gone and your chance is gone. tell the girl you love her, or the boy. hold their anger in too much, need to learn how to let things out. best friends you will ever have if you get them to open up. will give you the world if they want you. can give up easily, but they are very sensitive. when they get hurt, they shut down. they want to escape. nice souls.

taurus: damn you guys need to realize that it is completely okay to reach out for help when you need it. very sweet souls but need to be more open to talking about emotions in general. always have good taste in music. someone you can text in the middle of the night if you’re having a hard time. don’t forget your worth and how much your life means to everyone and try not to get sucked into your emotions. talk to people. be open.

gemini: you guys need to stop putting up a hard shell just because you’re afraid of getting hurt. it’s okay to be gentle and caring right off the bat, not everyone you meet it going to hurt you, i promise. definitely one of the more funny signs and strongly opinionated. very sensitive and genuine people when you get to the core, emotional in a good way.

cancer: prone to making bad choices when hurt. need to learn to take care of themselves, but damn are they warriors, they fight through everything like it’s no big deal even if they’re dying inside. such beautiful souls with such kind hearts. they hold a lot of emotions in but they’re so full of love. they have stories you wouldn’t believe. need to be more optimistic about the future when they start getting upset. such kind souls. much love.

leo: listen up y’all, it’s okay to be insecure. it’s okay to be hurt. it’s okay to feel sad. let your pride down sometimes and just feel everything. your friends won’t leave you because you’re sad. you’re such sensitive little things and so authentic i love it. you want to be happy so bad that you keep on fighting like the lion you are and it’s great. it’s okay to break down sometimes and you gotta remember that. even lions have things to get through. you’ll be okay, but keep your chin up and remember things get better.

virgo; be yourself and be what you want, don’t let people get in the way of that, okay? i know how you guys want success, and to make people proud. but you have to let go sometimes to find out who you are. very determined little things you are. i’ve never met one of you that couldn’t make me laugh and you gotta hold onto that. you guys can be opinionated and you gotta tone it down sometimes but you guys are such a tough sign and people admire you.

libra: it’s okay to be unsure sometimes, you guys do so many things for other people that you forget that you exist and have needs too. please remember you deserve the world just as much as anyone else. one of the nicest signs in my opinion. very open to talk to literally anybody. also a very funny sign but sometimes can forget to tell people that you’re really not okay. please take care of yourselves.

scorpio: don’t let the anger consume you. sometimes you guys have a hard time letting go of things that you simply have no control over. the past is gone. you guys have very big hearts, even though you’re hesitant to show it. deep down you do have an emotional side and so much to say about everything. one of the best friends i’ve had tbh. can be worried of how people think of them resulting in maybe seeming “rude”, but they’re usually not.

sagittarius: i know you love some people so much, but you have to let them go. you guys love people so intensely and its admirable but sometimes it just gets you hurt. very sensitive sign honestly. they love being in love, they go looking for it too hard sometimes. let love come naturally and learn to focus on yourself. sometimes you hold grudges too long. basically just bad at letting go. need more confidence in yourselves and to be okay with being alone. you’re very lovable people, you just gotta believe it honestly.

capricorn: don’t be insecure or anxious about how people think of you. you’re a very admirable sign. definitely need to not choose people who hurt you when it comes to relationships. very sensitive sign. but also very unique and usually have something quirky (but adorable) about them. learn to be proud of yourselves for who you are b/c you guys are some creative mother fuckers. learn to love yourselves more.

aquarius: sometimes you guys can be kind of blunt and hurt people, so be sure to watch that. very sensitive individuals though, and very good listeners. always down to help people. make sure not to get lost in your emotions too much and go with the flow. usually very attractive people in this sign and while beautiful, they have a very big heart as well. your emotions and vibe in general attracts people.

pisces: try not to let your thoughts consume you, i know how you guys get. you’re really great people, and always give great advice. your emotions are not a bad thing and you need to be nice to yourself when it comes to that. don’t let people hurt you, and learn to stand up for yourself. you guys have very big hearts and you’re probably the friendliest sign. people can come to you for anything and i admire that you’re always willing to help

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me, later that same day: i did not do the thing


walking a drunk friend like


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yeah but


what if they go undercover at a race track because someone’s been sabotaging the racers and they actually rock paper scissors to see who’s gonna do the driving and zane wins

and ty really just can’t find it in himself to be upset he’s just like