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Fantasy and Mythical Velvet Clay Creature Sculptures by Evgeny Hontor

Russian craftsman Evgeny Hontor creates otherworldly and mythical sculptures compromised of velvet clay and acrylic. Multicolored and highly textured, each piece resembles a high fantasy creature from a potential epic narrated by J.R.R. Tolkien. The presence of stunning pink and purple dragons, feline-like creatures and deer with enormous wings create alternate realms of never before seen characters. 

An artist since childhood, Hontor’s philosophy in life and art is to never stop creating. His aim to construct various worlds, where dreams are a gradual entity within different realms of imagination. Although some of the pieces are mythical creatures from fables, such as dragons, others are original illusory sculptures of the artist’s mind, which pay homage to the mythical function of hybrids. Adorable, lethal and wild, each sculpture holds a paradoxical magical feature between what is perceived good and evil in storytelling. You can find the entire collection in his Etsy shop.

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