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“Special Agent in Charge Garrett here.”

“Well, aren’t we fancy,” Kelly teased

Nick shook his head.  “Hey, Garrett, it’s O’Flaherty.  And the Doc, obviously.”

“Oh God, what now?  Are you in jail?  Being held by the IRA?  Stuck on a reef in the Caribbean?”

“Wow,” Kelly said.  “That’s uncalled for.”

Zane laughed.  “I thought being engaged to Ty gave me some extra snark privileges”

“Hey!”  Nick shouted.  “Do I come running when you need help?  Did I get shoved off the edge of a cliff for your ungrateful ass?  Does my boat still have bullet holes in it?”

“It still floats,” Zane countered, a smirk obvious in his voice.

                                         ~ Cross & Crown (Kindle loc. 839), Abigail Roux

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