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I never want any context for this ever


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This will always be my favorite gifset. Ever.

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Lightning Clouds | Instagram



In your head:


In paper:


this made me laugh so hard because it’s so accurate.




This is what i like to see

This is what dreams are made of.

relationship goals

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I’m antisocial, yet social. I don’t talk to people first, but when someone talks to me first I’m up for talking to them. Some days I’ll be really talkative and friendly and other days I’m just in my shell like nah today ain’t the day for socializing.

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one time a friend of mine programmed a thing called “coke.exe” and all it did was bring up a little pop-up that asked you if you were thirsty for cola and if you clicked “yes” it opened your CD tray and said “here is a cup holder”

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Zane found himself alone with Mara. She sat across from him and narrowed her eyes before talking. “Now I know Ty ain’t exactly diligent about it, so I’m telling you. You need to know I expect certain things from my boys.”

Zane raised an eyebrow. He wasn’t certain he could stand another lecture from a disapproving mother. “Okay.”

“We do Christmas, Thanksgiving, and sunrise service at Easter. If you have to go to Texas for some of those, that’s just fine, but I expect a phone call. Chester’s birthday is in April, and do not bring him anything that fires projectiles or is sharp. Or, God forbid, sharp projectiles. Understand? Because Ty does it every year.”

Zane blinked. He wasn’t quite sure where this was going, or why she was telling him instead of scolding Ty about it. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Okay then.” She nodded and sat back. “Now, there’s supposed to be a cold snap coming, so be a doll and go out back and get some firewood for me, would you?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Zane said, bemused.

A soft whistle from above cut into his thoughts, and when he looked up from the woodpile to investigate, he saw Ty and Earl both sitting on the new roof of the outbuilding, legs dangling over the edge. They were sharing one of Ty’s cigars. And they were laughing at him.

“She sent you out for firewood?” Ty called, incredulous.

“She said there was a cold snap coming.”

Ty’s infectious laughter rang out in the night, accompanied by Earl’s deeper chuckling. “Zane! It’s July!”

“But it’s the mountains!”

“It’s still July!”

Zane shrugged and waved them off, resisting the urge to gesture rudely. He realized what Mara was doing: distracting him while making him feel like part of the family instead of a guest. It had worked.

Roux, Abigail (2012-08-11). Stars & Stripes (Cut & Run) (p. 270 – 271). Riptide Publishing. Kindle Edition.

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Today is apparently comics + kittens day. I’m very much ok with this.

@dek-says-so <3333

Two of my favorite things. 😀