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I was never around tumblr when ‘replies’ were a thing but fuck I miss/need them!

I don’t want to read someones personal, highly emotional post and ‘like it’ – ‘like’ is the last thing I’m feeling right now. I’m hurting for them!. I want to leave them a quick message in a place convenient enough that they know instantly what I’m referencing, without me having to refer back to it and possibly bring up more pain

I also don’t want to be expressing my support/sorrow/willingness to help by having to broadcast their pain to the masses by reblogging something they probably don’t want reblogging causing even more crappy feelings 

Sometimes I just dispair

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A night on Earth – Some trully amazing photographs of Earth seen from 

A series of beautiful and impressive photographs from NASA,
which reveals the nocturnal beauty of the Earth seen from space. Some
stunning images of our planet in which we can distinguish cities and
landscapes, taken over Europe, Japan, Madagascar, the United States or
South America. The high definition photographs are edited using
different techniques, allowing among other a vertical exaggeration of
the relief based on a digital terrain model.


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#my aesthetic 

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ah yes, my train of thought, or as i like to call it, the Anxiety Express

Write Your Story

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I just showed my 11-year-old son how many coffee shop AUs there are on AO3.


He sat down the other day to write a Minecraft story about three kids who go through a portal in their back yard and end up in the world of Minecraft where they have to battle all the big bosses (I didn’t even realize there WERE big bosses in Minecraft but that’s beside the point). He wrote three chapters with a little input from me – his first beta – and y’all?

He was fucking excited. To be writing a story.

Today he came home from school and seemed a little down, so I asked him about it only to find out that some little asshole at his school told him, “There is already a Minecraft story.”

Me: Okay? So what?

Lucifer: If there’s already a story, no one will read mine.

Immediately, I dragged him in and pulled up my AO3 account. My boys know I write fanfiction, so I showed him my account and how many subscribers I have. Then I showed him how many Teen Wolf stories there are. And then, because it seemed like the perfect analogy, I said, “What if I wrote a story where two characters meet in a coffee shop and fall in love? No werewolves, nothing at all to do with the actual Teen Wolf universe. Just Stiles and Derek meet in a coffeeshop and fall in love.”

He laughed.

I showed him Mornings Aren’t For Everyone. Showed him how many hits it had, how many kudos, how many lovely comments.

Then I said, “So do you think, if anyone else wrote a story about those exact same characters meeting in a coffee shop and falling in love… would anyone read it?”

He laughed and said, “No because you already did.”

So I clicked on the Sterek tag and refined to coffee shop AU. His mind was blown to see that they ALL had thousands of hits and kudos and comments. Then I clicked on JUST the coffee shop AU tag and showed him all the fics across all the fandoms written by countless different people.

I’m going to tell you all now what I told him because it applies to everyone.

Write your story. It doesn’t matter that someone else has written a story about that subject. They didn’t write YOUR story. Only you can do that.

And I want to read your story.

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Colored version of “You’re lucky you’re cute cause that beard is fucking disgusting.”