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have you ever read anything so filthy that you have to keep looking over your shoulders the whole time? like even when you know nobody else is home. this shit is so obscene that somebody somewhere has to be judging you. this shit is so pornographic that some guy half way around the world just got the chills. he’s looking around in a panic, who do i have to kinkshame?

and it’s you there, reading that smut.

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The star cluster Westerlund 2


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Ty shifted around to reach his phone again, and Zane heard him flip it open to find some example texts to read out loud. “The one he sent me on the way home said, at my funeral it’ll be your job to throw yourself on my casket and weep. And the one he just sent me, he says, false alarm, still invincible. No idea what he was doing that he thought he might die. The one before that was for future reference a lint roller appears to be the best way to get glitter out of a beard.

-Divide & Conquer

for writingabeautifuldisaster – Happy Birthday Tristina ❤

Nicko appreciation post …


by Sarah Andersen

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We will Cut&Run after all



Ages ago, I made a prompt-generating script for the Sherlock fandom, and it produced some incredibly hilarious results, as well as some very awesome legitimate fics.

I figured it might be fun to retool the script for the Cut & Run fandom (and subsequent/related properties, including all things Sidewinder, Warrior’s Cross, etc).

You can use this if you’re stuck and simply want a random genre/prompt/etc, or go all-in and write a story using every single variable it spits out. The only things it won’t do is generate things like explicit kidfic or anything of that nature. Pretty much any pairing of characters and any location is fair game.

For example, it just threw Cameron/Digger explicit angst in a shitty hotel room during the holidays at me. I don’t think you can get crackier than that. XD But there’s no need to use all those details, you could just ignore the pairing and do Nickels instead or whatever 😀

If you have any suggestions for characters, prompts, locations, etc, that you think I should include hit up my ask box!

All I ask is that if it inspires any sort of greatness, that you tag me when you post it so I can see ❤

(and yes, I am aware that it will occasionally spit out an “undefined” character name, I’m trying to see where I fucked up so I can fix it but I’m tired and it might have to wait until tomorrow)

This thing has been making the rounds again, so I thought I would play with it for a bit to cheer myself up. This is the first thing it spit out at me:

And now all I can imagine is everyone gathered on the Fiddler to mourn Ty.


Cut & Run Fanfic Prompter

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A Colorful Solar Corona over the Himalayas : What are those colorful rings around the Sun? A corona visible only to Earth observers in the right place at the right time. Rings like this will sometimes appear when the Sun or Moon is seen through thin clouds. The effect is created by the quantum mechanical diffraction of light around individual, similarly-sized water droplets in an intervening but mostly-transparent cloud. Since light of different colors has different wavelengths, each color diffracts differently. Solar Coronae are one of the few quantum color effects that can be easily seen with the unaided eye. This type of solar corona is a visual effect due to water in Earths atmosphere and is altogether different from the solar corona that exists continually around the Sun and stands out during a total solar eclipse. In the foreground is the famous Himalayan mountain peak Ama Dablam , via NASA


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You can tell a lot about a person from their music. hit shuffle on your iPod, mp3 player, etc. and put the first 10 songs!
One rule, no skipping! Tag people and pass it on!

No technically tagged but nabbed from @jmp7095

1. Devils Son – DevilDriver
2. Humans Being – Van Halen
3. Rock City – Emigrate (feat. Lemmy)
4. Giving Up – Emigrate
5. Butterfly – Crazytown 
6. Born in Sin – Virgins O.R Pigeons
7. Becoming Insane – Infected Mushroom
8. BOUNCE – System of a Down
9. Song of the Martyr – Imperative Reaction
10. It’s Goin’ Down – The X-Ecutioners (feat. Linkin Park & Wayne Static)

I used my ‘car tunes’ folder on shuffle – basically all the songs that are on the USB stick that lives in my car – rather than my iPod, since I tend to skip most iPod songs.  

Tagging: Anyone with the means to play along 🙂