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have you ever read anything so filthy that you have to keep looking over your shoulders the whole time? like even when you know nobody else is home. this shit is so obscene that somebody somewhere has to be judging you. this shit is so pornographic that some guy half way around the world just got the chills. he’s looking around in a panic, who do i have to kinkshame?

and it’s you there, reading that smut.

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The star cluster Westerlund 2


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Ty shifted around to reach his phone again, and Zane heard him flip it open to find some example texts to read out loud. “The one he sent me on the way home said, at my funeral it’ll be your job to throw yourself on my casket and weep. And the one he just sent me, he says, false alarm, still invincible. No idea what he was doing that he thought he might die. The one before that was for future reference a lint roller appears to be the best way to get glitter out of a beard.

-Divide & Conquer

for writingabeautifuldisaster – Happy Birthday Tristina ❤

Nicko appreciation post …


by Sarah Andersen

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We will Cut&Run after all