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I never meant to ship them this hard, yet here we are

An autobiography by me (via canonizes)

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Yosemite Milky Way


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(Ok, so Part & Parcel came out 3 months ago, and it’s taken me this long to finish this sucker…..)  

I never go on Goodreads and I don’t read reviews on Amazon – those things are toxic.  So I was frankly appalled to find out that people were upset that Digger was revealed to be asexual.  Heck, I was convinced before the book came out that he was aromantic.  

But, I’ve read other reviews here on tumblr where ace people were thrilled to see themselves represented and that made me so happy.  The word ‘demisexual’ wasn’t around when I was a teen.  Maybe back then i would have used it if it had been.

I’m not going to pick fights with reviewers – wouldn’t change their minds anyway – but making this was something I could do.  So, in honor of Digger and all those aces out there, I’m giving away this quilt to a reader of Part & Parcel.

It measures 66 by 74 inches and there’s a picture of it on my queen size bed so you can get a idea of the size.  All done in white, purple, gray and black cotton fabrics and cotton batting.

To enter the drawing, just enter your tumblr URL in this google form.  The drawing will be open until next Thursday, 17 Mar 2016.  I will ship internationally (although I’ll choose the least expensive route).  You don’t have to be following me (my blog is hibernating anyway between school and clinicals, it wouldn’t get you much), and you don’t have to be a member of the fandom.  (I’d like to hope it would end up with someone who identifies on the ace spectrum, but I’m not going to dig through people’s blogs to prove their sexualities.  I’m not the label police.)

Best of luck!

reblog if you ever actually used a phone with a “rotary dial” on it




I will never not reblog this


you can check out anytime you like….but you can never leave..

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Winter Soldier vs. Tsum Tsum. MISSION FAILED.

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Yaaay, I’m off work until Easter Monday! first thing I’m doing is nipping to ASDA to buy snacky junk food. Then it’s fresh bedding time so that I can enjoy the Hell out of some up coming ‘sleep ins’

Also on the cards for the next two weeks is – an IKEA mission, furniture building, hurting myself building furniture. Having an epic sort out of the crap I own at my parents, moving said (keepable) crap to my flat oh and writing something about a coma….  



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So one of the people on my street works for Sky TV and drives one of their vans. It has hannibal painted on one side which to be honest sets me on edge a little. It parks outside my house regularly as i don’t drive so don’t use that spot. 

When i come down for work at 5am i usually open the curtains to see what the weather is like. Some days im open them to see the house across the road. Others i open them to see this particular van outside with Hannibal staring into my living room. Sometimes i forget to close the curtains at night and when i come down for work at 5am i see this.

It is terrifying and you can’t escape it. You either have to live in the dark or live with this staring at you while you try to watch TV.

I go to make a brew and it follows me. I watch TV and its there. I close the curtains and my dog cries because she wants to sit on the windowsill and stare at it. 

I mean, is it reasonable to ask Sky to repaint a van because Mads Mikkelsen is staring me down when i try to eat my cornflakes?

*laughed so hard and long that I started crying for real* and *so loud i think i woke my neighbor* x’D

@decemberpie look at this!!!!!

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Spiral Galaxy M83.

Credit: Chandra X-Ray Observatory