For Ty Tuesday: Bulldog

Ty’s hazel eyes were shining in the sunlight, and he smiled crookedly as he let his hand slide away from Zane’s arm. “Thanks for bringing me, Zane,” he said with an affectionate pat to Zane’s belly, and then he turned away and jogged back toward the dugout on the other side of the field without waiting for Zane to respond.

Zane stared after him, rooted to the spot, and it wasn’t even Ty’s fine ass in those pants that had his attention. No, it was that flash of light in Ty’s eyes that struck Zane right in the gut and made his breath catch. He had to try twice to swallow, and his face felt hot in the brisk air. He blinked hard before he realized he was gaping and made himself turn toward the bleachers and sit down about four rows up.

Occasional actions like that totally convinced Zane that Ty was telling the truth about loving him. It bowled Zane over, and he felt a rush of giddiness. Zane closed his eyes tight and opened them again, and Ty came into focus on the other side of the fence—Zane had zeroed in on him without consciously looking.

~ Divide & Conquer, by Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux

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