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Pyschological Life Hacks. More like this on To Be A Genius and Pysch2Go


list of trash aus i need immediately

  • “hey we hooked up last night and it turns out you are my childs teacher” au
  • “we both play this stupid game online and you keep beating me every single goddamn time so i called you out and you are pretty cute but can you not” au
  • “im a bartender and you just came in here without shoes sat down and ordered a chocolate volcano and idk what the fuck that is and im scared to ask” au
  • “we are neighbours and every night at 3:14 am you start yodeling for no fucking reason??? why???? is that you yodeling??? its been 2 months???” au
  • “im a pizza delivery person and i just delivered a pizza to someone in the middle of a satanic ritual and they gave me their number???” au
  • “i woke up this morning to find you sitting in my living room with a goat in a poncho??? who are you??? why is the goat wearing a poncho??? how did you get the goat in here i live on the 12th floor???” au
  • “we work out at the same gym and you always look super legit but i know you sing hannah montana in the shower and you know i know” au
  • “im a cashier and i saw you stuffing you pants full of potatoes and i would stop you but you already have 27 and i want to see how many you can fit"au
  • “its 4 am and im drunk as fuck in a mcdonalds and you have been watching my trying to eat this burger for 30 minutes” au
  • “i was playing beer pong with a coin and i accidentally threw it right into your eye at a party” au

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Turnt for the new star trek


Ten-year-old me thought having all 50 of the US state quarters would be much cooler than it actually was.

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Northern Lights above Banff, AB, CAN [5184×3456


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I walked into the kitchen at 5:30am and saw this in the sink… this isn’t my cat


#the cats just like ”this isnt my sink”

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never tickle a sleeping dragon.