Posted: March 23, 2016 in Uncategorized
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instead of just kudos or hearts, i think fics should also have the following options as tickboxes for feedback

  • grinned at computer screen until face hurt
  • felt second hand embarrassment for characters so acutely, had to jog in place for a while before being able to continue reading
  • made noises that caused local sentient life forms to inquire after health/mental state
  • said ‘i love you’ out loud
  • frightened pet with erratic behavior by the second chapter
  • felt compelled to message a friend large portions of this fic followed by in-depth commentary such as ‘KJHDKJHShdjheuhfbjashdbe’
  • forgot to eat while reading this fic
  • forgot to pee while reading this fic
  • peed while reading this fic
  • was not in the bathroom at time of peeing while reading this fic

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