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Logic? Oh, my God! There’s a maniac trying to make us blow up our own damn ship!



This is on a whole other level of infuriating.

This would art Ty off so bad…

So obviously Nick take the photo and send it to Ty with the location.

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raise yr hand if tyzane still consumes your waking thoughts and dreams

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The Tenth Doctor from Tooth and Claw for Tennant Tuesday
(or whatever day this post may find you)

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A Candidate for the Biggest Boom Yet Seen : It is a candidate for the brightest and most powerful explosion ever seen what is it? The flaring spot of light was found by the All Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae in June of last year and labelled ASASSN-15lh. Located about three billion light years distant, the source appears tremendously bright for anything so far away: roughly 200 times brighter than an average supernova, and temporarily 20 times brighter than all of the stars in our Milky Way Galaxy combined. Were light emitted by ASASSN-15lh at this rate in all directions at once, it would be the most powerful explosion yet recorded. No known stellar object was thought to create an explosion this powerful, although pushing the theoretical limits for the spin-down of highly-magnetized neutron star a magnetar gets close. Assuming the flare fades as expected later this year, astronomers are planning to use telescopes including Hubble to zoom in on the region to gain more clues. The above-featured artists illustration depicts a hypothetical night sky of a planet located across the host galaxy from the outburst. via NASA










Aro laughed. “Ha ha ha,” he giggled.

-Stephenie Meyer New Moon

Excuse me but

“His voice is warm and husky like dark melted chocolate fudge caramel… or something.”

-EL James Fifty Shades of Gray

Fifty Shades is a treasure trove of terrible lines.

I feel the color in my cheeks rising again. I must be the color of the Communist Manifesto.

His erection springs free. Holy cow!

Holy crap! He’s wearing a white shirt.

The fact it used to be Twilight fanfiction really comes through when you actually look up some of the text.

“His eyebrows widened”

– E.L. James; Fifty Shades of Grey

This post always makes me feel better about myself.

I stopped my work day so I could make this stupid gif.

I nearly peed.

Anyone who writes fanfic and is insecure about it, just remember – someone got paid good money for writing utter SHIT.

Odds are whatever you have written is far better than this. So there is hope. Keep writing!

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An Airglow Fan from Lake to Sky, Bryce Canyon, Utah


Character Profile

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Name: Ty Grady

Aliases/Nicknames: Tyler Beaumont, Sam Hill

Profile: Beaumont Tyler Grady was born May 27, 1974 in Bluefield, West Virginia.

He joined the United States Marine Corps at the age of 18 and was discharged in 2002 with the rank of Staff Sergeant.

In 2003 he became a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He is suspected of being involved with unsanctioned operations, but to date no proof has surfaced.

In 2008, he was partnered with Zane Garrett.