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12 Days of Minion Christmas 2012: Day 1 – Stars & Stripes

Do you remember the moment when:

– Ty and Zane kissed at what they thought was an empty sidewalk?

– Ty almost used Zane’s knee as an armrest at work?

– Chester asked Ty where his “damn fool partner” was as soon as he saw him?

– Ty almost got lost in Zane’s smile?

– Ty called Zane “darlin’”? (Not quite sure if it’s the first time in the series)

– Clancy sent Zane a photo of Ty covered in condiments? (maybe she has her suspicions about the true nature of their relationship)

– Zane reminisced about their weekend trip in Virginia Beach to celebrate Ty’s birthday?

– Zane kissed Ty while bending him backward? (And Ty loves it when Zane does it to him)

– Ty and Zane had phone sex? hmmmmm

– and car sex? hmmmmm… yeah

– Zane’s Texan accent came out and it drove Ty crazy? (in a verrrry good way)

– it was mentioned that Ty and Zane are starting to pick up each other’s mannerisms?

– we all found out that Zane could draw & paint? *swoon*

– Ty’s knife cut through his cast? aka the foreplay leading to the reverse!cowboy sex

– Zane got annoyed at Ty for agreeing to go to the pub instead of going back home with him to have sex? lol

– Zane gave Ty his Stetson and held his hand on the way to the pub?

– Mark called Zane out for undressing Ty with his eyes?

– Ty and Zane had sex in a utility closet?

– Annie caught them coming out of said closet? lol

– Harrison was watching Zane teach Ty how to rope a saddle horn, and decided that Ty had Zane wrapped around his finger? awww

– Ty told Zane that his ass hurts? (although for a completely different reason this time)

– and Zane said that his “ass hurts too” back?

– Zane found out information about Ty’s past from Mark, and decided he didn’t care?

– Ty told Annie that he loves Zane “very much”?

– Ty woke up from being unconscious and the first word out of his mouth was Zane’s name?

– we all thought Zane was going to propose?

– when Zane kissed Ty infront of everyone at her mother’s annual BBQ thing-y?

– when Zane told Ty that he was “ready for anything?” before they left Ty’s parents’ house? Oh, Zane… judging from the T&G snippets, I sure hope so.

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