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For Zane Friday ~

“A sniper?” Zane asked.

Ty gave him a curt nod. “It’d have to be a long-ass way. One, to make sure he’s not spotted during the meet, and two, make sure it doesn’t kill me. NIJ II is … 1,100 to 1,800 feet per second.”

Nick groaned and ran a hand through his hair. “You’re talking eight-hundred, maybe a thousand yards before a sniper round drops to that velocity. Or more. I know I can’t make that shot with enough accuracy to hit a vest with my best friend in it.”

Ty met Nick’s eyes and nodded. Nick’s heart jumped into his throat. He gave a slight shake of his head, silently pleading with him not to ask. Ty smiled sadly, then met Liam’s eyes. Liam began to grin.

“Oh fuck no,” Zane blurted. “No way.”

“He can make it,” Ty assured him.

“Yeah, but will he, is the question.”

Liam grinned wider. “Do you trust me not to hit your heart, Grady?”

“Ty,” Zane hissed, reaching for his arm.

Ty tore his eyes away from Liam and met Zane’s. “I swore to protect you from them,” he whispered. “I was already willing to take a bullet to do that. After everything that’s happened …” He shook his head, unable to finish.

Zane looked stricken, and he wasn’t able to form words before Ty looked away.

~ Touch & Geaux, by Abigail Roux

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