Fic writer aesthetic

Posted: April 11, 2016 in Uncategorized
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– you just had a brilliant idea. it’s 3am
– bonus: you have something important the next day
– “wow I wrote so much, let’s see the word counter” 350 words “LIES”
– when your worst work gets the most attention
– “[AO3] You’ve got kudos!” emails are your lifeblood, water your crops, and clear your skin
– B L A N K P A G E S O F D O O M
– playing the entire story out in your head. never writing it
– watching or reading anything ever and imagining an au
– making playlists to write to. never writing
– getting an “[AO3] Comment on ______” email and doing the thing. you know the one
– headcanons. so many headcanons
– spending days or weeks on a piece
– watching the hit count rise and the kudos count stay on said work
– when will the kudos return from war

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