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Okay so @q2qcomics and I are currently apartment hunting for the fall and I just stumbled upon the weirdest apartment ever. 

Like at first, wow this looks nice:

How can it be only $650/mo?? Something’s gotta be wrong with it.

… And then you find the floorplan:

Like… WTF is this place? And you realize it’s on bottom of three “apartment units” (Clearly this was meant to be one big place). 

This is your enterance:

Have fun living in the maintenance hallway under the rich folks. 

It comes with such stunning features as:

Creepy ass long murder hallways.

A room with many doors (all closets).

A bathroom that’s clearly just meant for storage.

And whatever this thing is in your kitchen.

I hope you like wine, A LOT.

this. this is a video game apartment. be wary of lurking assassins. any stray chests probably contain loose gold or weapons

Yeah but 

$650 for over 2,000 FEET OF SQUARE SPACE? That’s beyond a steal.



He’d memorized the downtown layout the night before while Ty worked on today’s plans with Benson and the rest of the crew.

– Sticks & Stones (Kindle Locations 117-118).

“Despite the fact that the police station is two blocks that way?” Zane asked, pointing toward Royal Street.

“What are you, like a walking map?” Digger asked.

“Sort of, yeah,” Zane answered.

– Touch & Geaux (p. 187).

This is the real reason Zane is jealous of the GPS lady in A&D.



Bottled water – WTF fun facts

I knew it.

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Stephans Quintet – Four of these five galaxies are locked in a cosmic dance of repeated close encounters taking place some 300 million light-years away.


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I see better from a distance.

(requested by @i-am-team-hawkeye)

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~ Beautiful BANA ~ Star Trek (2009)

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